January 29, 2015

Thoughts On Royal Rumble 2015

Admittedly I've have been somewhat disappointed with WWE PPVs and WWE as a whole in 2014. That's a hard thing for me to say especially since I've loved WWE since I was a little girl. Like every year though there are three PPVs I look forward to: Wrestlemania, Royal Rumble and SummerSlam. This year's Royal Rumble was set up to be an interesting one. I was left asking questions rather then praising the show. The pre-show was eye opening. It was New Day member Big E and Kofi vs Cesaro and Tyson. This was a decent match but you can't ignore the boos towards Big E and Kofi from the crowd. Maybe the shoould stop the New Day gimmick because it's really not going over with fans. The two most boring matches goes to Ascension vs New Age Outlaws and The Bellas vs Nattie and Paige.  New Age Outlaws tried to give the Ascension a career boost with this match but I was bored and could'nt wait for it to end. As far as the Divas match, I don't see realistically how someone who used to be so dominate with Beth as Nattie was can lose to the Bellas. Out of the Bellas I see Brie as a better all around diva and feel Nikki is holding her back from going farther than she is now. Paige is really coming into her own but needs better wrestlers to work with. The Miz/Mizdow vs the Usos was an entertaining match. I really hope Mizdow gets a push while he has buzz now. The triple threat was my favorite match of the night. It was Lesnar (c) vs Rollins vs Cena. Everyone in this match had their shining moment. Finally it was time for the main event- the Royal Rumble match. It began pretty good with Bubba Ray Dudley making a comeback and DDP joining the match. The crowd erupted when Daniels and Ziggler came out and showed their anger when they got tossed out. Seems like those eliminations were taken out on the winner Roman Reigns, who came out to boos, got booed when he won and got booed when Rock came out to help him after the match. I rate this show a 7.5. I was bummed Orton and A.J. didn't show up but all in all it was a decent show.

November 4, 2014

Organics Coriander Seeds Review

I had a chance to try out Organics Coriander Seeds from Jiva Organics recently and it was surprisingly good. I've never tried Coridander Seeds before and was told to try it out in stuffing or salads. I tried them in both stuffing and salads. I perfer them in stuffing. They smell great and if you're just starting out with trying to buy more organic foods then this could be the way to slowly start trying it. Pick up these coriander seeds and more at : http://jivaorganicfoods.com/product/organic-coriander-seeds-3-5-ounce/

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Ebook - Terry Treetop and the Lost Egg Review

Chocolate here back with another book review. This time I'm reviewing a children's book called "Terry Treetop and the Lost Egg" by Tali Carmi. it's an ebook about a little red haired boy named Terry. Terry loves to climb trees and one day he finds an egg. What animal is inside this egg well you're going to have to join him on his adventure and find out. Pick up "Terry Treetop and the Lost Egg" at: ://www.amazon.com/adventure-education-environment-childrens-collection-ebook/dp/b00doahbzu

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LeKair® Natural Curls Review

My son is Puerto Rican and Jamaican American and has really curly hair that becomes unruly if not properly maintained. I've tried many different hair products to keep his curls looking neat. Some worked some didn't. I'm always willing to try new products for his hair to keep it looking nice and neat. LeKair Natural Curls products are a good choice if you want nice neat looking curls. LeKair products contains Avocado oil which adds moisture, strength, and shine to curly hair. The Moisturizing and Detangling Conditioner prevents knots and tangles while softening and hydrating hair. The Moisturizing Shampoo softens and strengthen hair while protecting scalp from damage. The Curl Rejuvenating Spray brings dry limp curls back to life. Finally the Curl Defining Cream gives curls definition. Each product is $6.99  and well worth it. You can buy these products at: http://stephanretail.com/brand/lekair-natural-curls

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Rtgs Micro LED 30 Warm White Color String Lights Review

With the holidays coming up people are going to start prepping there home with lights, a tree, etc. It's always a light show around my neighborhood around this time. I even got to try out some lights from RTGS that is sure to brighten up your home this season. Rtgs micro LED 30 warm white color string lights are really cool. The string is 10 feet long and the lights themselves have a 20 yr lifespan so you can enjoy them for years to come. It has a 6 hour on function and after 18 hour turns off saving you battery life (3 AA batteries needed and are not included). Pick up your own lights at: http://www.rtgsproducts.com/store/c1/featured_products.html

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October 13, 2014


You may not know her name really well but you've probably heard her singing on Macklemore and Ryan Lewis's "Same Love". I already loved her song " Secrets" so I was excited to hear what the rest of her album sounded like. I was not disappointed at all. This album is titled "Heart On My Sleeve" for a reason. Her lyrics are beautiful and genuine. Her vocals are everything you would expect them to be- pure and strong. My favorite songs from the album so far are "Secrets" and " Sing To Me". Mary Lambert's "Heat On My Sleeve" comes out on October 14, 2014.  

Pre-order your copy of Mary Lambert's album "Heart On My Sleeve" on iTunes: http://bit.ly/MaryHeart and Amazon:  http://bit.ly/MaryLHeart

You can also follow her on her official website: www.marylambertsings.com , Twitter: @marylambertsing  , Youtube:  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cqqqV50zaAc , and Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/marylambertsings  .

                                             * I participated in the Mary Lambert Heart On My                                                                                    Sleeve album review program as a member of One2One                                                                        Network. I was provided a free album to review but all                                                                              opinions are my own.

October 3, 2014

Are The WWE Divas Back?

Are the WWE Divas back? In order for me to answer this question I have to go through the current Diva roster and separate the stars from the ones just there and not making an impact. So let's do that shall we?

A.J. Lee-    She is the current WWE Divas Champion (3 times and longest reigning Divas champion)
                   Pros: Good mic skills, good wrestling skills, good submission maneuver, and good character
                   Cons: Since she went away after losing to Paige the first time and came back it seems she's lost                    some of her spunk and after being a heel for so long, I'm not completely sold on her being a face                    now

Alicia Fox-   Former WWE Divas Champion and first African American WWE Divas Champion
                    Pros: Spunk, decent wrestling skills, and a likable character
                    Cons: Poor mic skills, needs to pick whether she's a heel or face, drop the crazy character

Brie Bella-    Former WWE Divas Champion/Total Divas
                    Pros: Decent wrestling skills, decent mic skills, decent face
                    Cons: All of her skills should be much better at this point

Cameron-     Former Funkadactyl/Total Divas
                    Pros: Decent heel
                    Cons: Poor mic skills and poor wrestling skills

Emma-         NXT
                    Pros: Likable character and good wrestling skills
                    Cons: Poor mic skills

Eva Marie-   NXT/Total Divas
                    Pros: Potential likable character
                    Cons: Poor wrestling skills and poor mic skills

Layla-           Former WWE Divas Champion
                    Pros: Decent mic and wrestling skills
                    Cons: Needs better character

Naomi -       Former Funkadactyl/Total Divas      
                    Pros: Great wrestling skills and likable face
                    Cons: Poor mic skills

Natalya-       Former WWE Divas Champion/Total Divas
                    Pros: Great wrestling skills, decent mic skills, likable character
                    Cons: Loss a lot of her spunk when Beth Phoenix left

Nikki Bella-  Total Divas
                     Pros: Decent wrestling skills
                     Cons: Poor mic skills and not a believe heel at this point

Paige-            Former WWE Divas Champion and youngest WWE Divas Champion
                      Pros: Good wrestling skills, decent mic skills, decent heel
                      Cons: Needs a better submission maneuver

Rosa Mendes- Total Divas
                        Pros: Good heel/face
                        Cons: Poor wrestling skills and poor mic skills

Summer Rae-    Total Diva
                          Pros: Good wrestling skill and decent mic skill
                          Cons: Needs better storyline

Tamina Snuka-    Daughter of Superfly Jimmy Snuka
                           Pros: Good wrestling skills
                           Cons: Poor mic skills

So no WWE Divas are not fully back but ever con of the the current Diva roster is fixable. With better skills, storylines, and time they can certainly come back, not to the Trish and Lita days but a good new school of Divas. Time will tell but it's possible. Divas are needed an hopefully with work and time these new Divas can do it.