October 3, 2014

Are The WWE Divas Back?

Are the WWE Divas back? In order for me to answer this question I have to go through the current Diva roster and separate the stars from the ones just there and not making an impact. So let's do that shall we?

A.J. Lee-    She is the current WWE Divas Champion (3 times and longest reigning Divas champion)
                   Pros: Good mic skills, good wrestling skills, good submission maneuver, and good character
                   Cons: Since she went away after losing to Paige the first time and came back it seems she's lost                    some of her spunk and after being a heel for so long, I'm not completely sold on her being a face                    now

Alicia Fox-   Former WWE Divas Champion and first African American WWE Divas Champion
                    Pros: Spunk, decent wrestling skills, and a likable character
                    Cons: Poor mic skills, needs to pick whether she's a heel or face, drop the crazy character

Brie Bella-    Former WWE Divas Champion/Total Divas
                    Pros: Decent wrestling skills, decent mic skills, decent face
                    Cons: All of her skills should be much better at this point

Cameron-     Former Funkadactyl/Total Divas
                    Pros: Decent heel
                    Cons: Poor mic skills and poor wrestling skills

Emma-         NXT
                    Pros: Likable character and good wrestling skills
                    Cons: Poor mic skills

Eva Marie-   NXT/Total Divas
                    Pros: Potential likable character
                    Cons: Poor wrestling skills and poor mic skills

Layla-           Former WWE Divas Champion
                    Pros: Decent mic and wrestling skills
                    Cons: Needs better character

Naomi -       Former Funkadactyl/Total Divas      
                    Pros: Great wrestling skills and likable face
                    Cons: Poor mic skills

Natalya-       Former WWE Divas Champion/Total Divas
                    Pros: Great wrestling skills, decent mic skills, likable character
                    Cons: Loss a lot of her spunk when Beth Phoenix left

Nikki Bella-  Total Divas
                     Pros: Decent wrestling skills
                     Cons: Poor mic skills and not a believe heel at this point

Paige-            Former WWE Divas Champion and youngest WWE Divas Champion
                      Pros: Good wrestling skills, decent mic skills, decent heel
                      Cons: Needs a better submission maneuver

Rosa Mendes- Total Divas
                        Pros: Good heel/face
                        Cons: Poor wrestling skills and poor mic skills

Summer Rae-    Total Diva
                          Pros: Good wrestling skill and decent mic skill
                          Cons: Needs better storyline

Tamina Snuka-    Daughter of Superfly Jimmy Snuka
                           Pros: Good wrestling skills
                           Cons: Poor mic skills

So no WWE Divas are not fully back but ever con of the the current Diva roster is fixable. With better skills, storylines, and time they can certainly come back, not to the Trish and Lita days but a good new school of Divas. Time will tell but it's possible. Divas are needed an hopefully with work and time these new Divas can do it.


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