October 1, 2011

WWE Divas

The WWE Divas has become nothing more than a bathroom break for people. This is even with the emergence of the Divas Of Doom. I really don't know what is it going to take for the Divas to be interesting again. I honestly think that Trish and Lita could train these ladies, but that cant save them. I think that there are a few ladies that if given the chance could really be interesting. ladies like, Maryse and Eve. i would love to see Alicia Fox stand out especially since there is hardly no African American woman in WWE. The only thing that worries me is her not really finding a voice in WWE. My guess would be that until Kharma comes back next year, we're going to have a lot of bland matches and rivalries.

April 5, 2011

My thoughts on Wrestlemania 27

it's been a while but i feel the need to do a post on this travesty of a PPV. The Rock as a host was ok, i quickly got bored with his anitcs. next why was the sheamus vs daniel not shown,because that could have surely taken place of that two min 8 man match which was horrid. alberto,the king, and john cena should have won thier matches. best matches of the night were randy/cm punk's and undertaker/triple h match thats it. forget the "snooki" match. horrid wrestlemania.