June 30, 2014

Herbal Essences Naked Collection

Summer's here and with Summer comes the heat that can leave your hair looking a bit of a mess. I received the Herbal Essences Naked Collection from Influenster this month and these products could be the answer to you Summer hair woes. First up we have the Herbal Essence Naked Dry Shampoo. This dry shampoo will leave your hair feeling clean, even on days you don't wash your hair. It gives your hair the boost you need for those hot Summer days. Its very easy to use, all you do is shake well then spray on dry hair and style it.

Next is the Herbal Essence Naked Moisture Conditioner. It's refreshes your hair and the mint in it make it feel nice and clean. Your hair will be soft and smooth without buildup. 

Finally the Herbal Essences Naked Moisture Shampoo. This shampoo smooths and locks in moisture to dull and damaged hair. 

Try the Herbal Essences Naked Collection for yourself. Available everywhere hair care is sold.  

June 14, 2014

Rachel and the TreeSchooler's kickstarter campaign

Nowadays you can find t.v shows for children easily, but are all children's shows created equal? The short answer is no. While there are many t.v. shows for children to choose from which ones are actually educational and which ones that have very little educational value. There is a wonderful new educational show for children called " Rachel and the TreeSchoolers". Rachel and the TreeSchoolers are a children's series backed by Ph. D's. It features 12 musical episodes. This show uses two ways of teaching: English and American Sign Language. The show teaches children to use their whole body learning. Whole body learning is engaging a child's mind and body for active learning. The Cori (concept oreinted reading instruction)  4- step learning cycle teaches children how to learn: 1- Observe and wonder 2- Search for answers 3- Learn and know 4- Share with others. The show teaches different concept all at once and many more wonderful things. So far the show has produced episodes 1-6 of the series. Those 6 episodes were made possible by Kickstarter backers such as parents who want quality tv shows for their children. In order for the show to complete three more episodes it needs the help of Kickstart backers. The show will be coming soon to a digital service and DVD near you. You can pledged as little as $1 to help. Check it out and please support quality children's television.  Back this Kickstarter today! http://bit.ly/treeschool 

June 13, 2014

The Smooth Life: Bic Soleil Glow Razors Review

With Summer right around the corner bare legs are going to be on display again. I dread this time of the year because I hate shaving my legs but who want to wear a pretty outfit with hairy legs? Not me, so I was excited to try the Bic Soleil Glow razors just to see if they would shorten my shaving time. I have to say these razors worked great. I loved how the Comfort Shield head was gentle on my sensitive skin, so no hair bumps. The razors really took all the hair off and I didn't have to shave over the same spot numerous times, once was enough. I would definitely buy these razors in the future.