December 18, 2013

Les Cinq Amandes: A Sweet Treat Review

The holiday season is upon us and you know what that means? That's right, time to find the perfect gifts for everyone in your life. So when you're thinking of gifts what comes to mind: electronics, clothes, household products, etc. How about something edible? I love edible gifts. It's a unique way to show you care or appreciate someone. I've come across quite a few edible gift shops but they were all the same. I was recently introduced to a truly unique website: I know you're thinking whats so different about this shop? Well they sell beautiful artisanal confections selected from around the world at an affordable price. Les Cinq Amandes is a place that combines art and sweets for a truly amazing gift. If you're looking for fine confections, favors and gifts that are easy on your wallet as well then Les Cing Amandes is worth checking out. Something that really stood out to me was the DragéesDragées or the five almonds have fives wishes associated with them to add a personal touch to your gift: Happiness, Health, Peace, Love, Longevity.

Here is a Dragée:

Of course Dragées are available in many colors and are gift wrapped with elegant five wishes paper.

So you want to add an even more personal touch to your gift? How about using Les Cinq Amandes; Create A Custom Gift option. With the Create A Custom Gift option you'll be able to choose  your gift and what goes in it. It doesn't get more personalized than that.

Well you saw the Dragées but there even more amazing products at Les Cinq Amandes. Here's a few more of their gifts:

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Les Cinq Amandes is not just for the holiday but for any special occasion. Confectionary can add a more personalized touch to any event.

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