January 29, 2015

Thoughts On Royal Rumble 2015

Admittedly I've have been somewhat disappointed with WWE PPVs and WWE as a whole in 2014. That's a hard thing for me to say especially since I've loved WWE since I was a little girl. Like every year though there are three PPVs I look forward to: Wrestlemania, Royal Rumble and SummerSlam. This year's Royal Rumble was set up to be an interesting one. I was left asking questions rather then praising the show. The pre-show was eye opening. It was New Day member Big E and Kofi vs Cesaro and Tyson. This was a decent match but you can't ignore the boos towards Big E and Kofi from the crowd. Maybe the shoould stop the New Day gimmick because it's really not going over with fans. The two most boring matches goes to Ascension vs New Age Outlaws and The Bellas vs Nattie and Paige.  New Age Outlaws tried to give the Ascension a career boost with this match but I was bored and could'nt wait for it to end. As far as the Divas match, I don't see realistically how someone who used to be so dominate with Beth as Nattie was can lose to the Bellas. Out of the Bellas I see Brie as a better all around diva and feel Nikki is holding her back from going farther than she is now. Paige is really coming into her own but needs better wrestlers to work with. The Miz/Mizdow vs the Usos was an entertaining match. I really hope Mizdow gets a push while he has buzz now. The triple threat was my favorite match of the night. It was Lesnar (c) vs Rollins vs Cena. Everyone in this match had their shining moment. Finally it was time for the main event- the Royal Rumble match. It began pretty good with Bubba Ray Dudley making a comeback and DDP joining the match. The crowd erupted when Daniels and Ziggler came out and showed their anger when they got tossed out. Seems like those eliminations were taken out on the winner Roman Reigns, who came out to boos, got booed when he won and got booed when Rock came out to help him after the match. I rate this show a 7.5. I was bummed Orton and A.J. didn't show up but all in all it was a decent show.

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