August 5, 2012

Where have the WWE Divas gone?

This post will be a rather short one, kind of like the WWE Divas matches. While i'm very happy with A.J. getting her chance to shine, i'm very disappointed with the divas division as a whole. when A.J. and Eve had this rivalry going on, i thought this would be a chance for a divas story line but alas it ended before it had a chance to get off the ground. this has become the norm with the divas. They teased a Beth and Natalya feud but they dropped it. Beth has virtually disappeared since she lost the title to Layla, Layla has been the most boring champion ever. Natalya has been subjected to flatulence jokes and jobber status to divas with not even half her skill. No wonder Kharma asked for her release, she cant lift the divas division by herself, it needs to be a collective effort. with Raw going to 3 hours now i expect there will be more time for the tag teams, IC, and US title runs and match ups. My hope is for the divas to finally get the match time and story lines they deserve The divas have to step it up. No one expected A.J. to be the most important diva right now, more important than the Divas champion. The story line line they gave A.J. was a breath of fresh air. we need more divas story lines and longer matches. Let Beth and Natalya have a feud this fall and winter and have it come to a head at Wrestlemaina. i think Beth and Natalya have a long and thought out feud would breath life back into the WWE. Let Eve and A.J. have a power feud and throw Vickie in the mix for good measure. Make the Divas tag team belts that way other divas have a chance at another belt, i mean come one the men have 5 let the ladies have at least 2. I would say make a new belt for the ladies equivalent to the IC and US title but the talent is not there yet or rather there are too many divas not living up to there potential. Naomi needs to start wrestling and i know people really want her too but until changes are made to the division she's guaranteed a chance to stay longer in the WWE if she stays in the dancer role. I dont know what the future for the divas are but unless changes are made their matches will continue to be viewed as just a bathroom break.

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