August 18, 2014

SummerSlam 2014 Results

While this wasn't my favorite SummerSlam in recent memory it was interesting to say the least. Here are the results:

John Cena (c) vs Brock Lesnar- KG: Lesnar, SOFG: Lesnar (For the WWE World Heavyweight Championship)
Results: Brock Lesnar is the New WWE World Heavyweight Champion. Match rating: 7. Star of the match: Brock

 Bray Wyatt vs Chris Jericho- KG: Jericho, SOFG: Wyatt
Results: Bray Wyatt. Match rating: 8. Star of the match: Jericho

 Brie Bella vs Stephanie McMahon- KG: Bella, SOFG: McMahon
Results: Stephanie McMahon Match rating: 8. Stars of the match: Stephanie and Nikki Bella's heel turn

 Jack Swagger vs Rusev- KG: Rusev, SOFG: Swagger (Flag Match)
Results: Rusev. Match rating: 7. Star of the match: Swagger

 A.J. Lee (c) vs Paige- KG: A.J, SOFG: Paige (For the Divas Championship)
Results: Paige is the New Divas Champion. Match rating: 7. Stars of the match: A.J. & Paige

 Randy Orton vs Roman Reigns- KG: Reigns, SOFG: Orton
Results: Roman Reigns. Match rating: 7. Star of the match: Randy

 The Miz (C) vs Dolph Ziggler- KG: Ziggler, SOFG: Ziggler ( For the Intercontinental Championship)
Results: Dolph Ziggler is the New Intercontinental Champion. Match rating: 7. Star of the match: Ziggler

 Dean Ambrose vs Seth Rollins- KG: Ambrose, SOFG: Rollins (LumberJack Macth)
Results: Seth Rollins. Match rating: 9. Star of the match: Dean

So I guessed 4 out of the 8 matches right. I have to say with the exception of a few boring moments this was a pretty good ppv. My only real gripe is that it didn't feel like a SummerSlam ppv but rather one of the regular ppvs. Hopefully with SummerSlam coming to NY/NJ we will have a better show and livelier crowd.

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