June 21, 2013

Thoughts About The WWE Divas

This Sunday at WWE Payback A.J. Lee won the Diva's Championship from Kaitlyn. I really have enjoyed watching this storyline between these two ladies. I think A.J. carried the storyline a little better than Kaitlyn, but that's ok because the two of them work really well against each other. A. J. has really shown where the new crop of WWE Divas can go, if given the right push. Kaitlyn has been really impressive with showcasing her power. She looks powerful and around the time that she won the belt, she started acting powerful. Kaitlyn reminds me of Beth Phoenix. I think Kaitlyn can dominate like Beth did in a year. I do think she should really work on her acting, because sometimes when she gets screwed over and A.J. leaves the ring, she has this unsure face. It's as if she' not sure if she's angry or what. I think with time though she'll have it down pat. A.J. has really been an unlikely breath of fresh air in an shaky WWE Divas Division. She has the wrestling and mic skills. She's extremely expressive and has come into her own. There are a new crop of Divas in the NXT Division and from what I've seen Paige looks like she'll be the breakout star when she finally comes to the main shows. For a while I've been concerned that with all of the WWE Divas leaving that the division would tank. It was hanging by a thread in my opinion but the new Divas maybe the jolt it needs to make the Divas watchable again for people who've stopped. This new crop is hopeful but needs to be nurtured and given better storylines like they did with A.J and Kaitlyn. Then and only then will the WWE Divas truly be on top again.

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