September 3, 2013

"What's Best For Business" Raw Revisited

Ahh Raw. Last night's Raw was very good leaving one important question: Where is this leading? Raw began with HHH in the ring (with The Shield as guard dogs, let's see how long that last). Then Randy Orton comes out explaining why he (and The Shield) beat up Daniel Bryan and sprayed "NO'' on his bare chest afterward. It was all because Bryan spray painted "YES" on his car that HHH gave him. Bryan comes out after HHH starts saying that he can bring back the Cruiser-weight belt for Bryan to fight for instead of the top belt. Bryan comes gets into a war of words with HHH and Orton. HHH books Bryan a match with Big Show for the main event. That opening ensured everyone was in for quite a night.
Match 1: Fandago vs The Miz= Winner Miz
Match 2: Ziggler vs Ryback= Winner Ryback (with help from The Shield before the match started)
Match 3: 3MB vs Prime Time Players= Prime Time Players
Match 4: Cody Rhodes vs Randy Orton (If Cody loses he's fired)= Winner Orton, Cody is fired by HHH
Match 5: Brie Bella vs Natalya vs Naomi (#1 contender for Diva's Championship)= No Winner (A.J. interferes and get beat of by some of the Total Divas cast members, This results in Stephanie McMahon making a fatal 4 way match at Night Of Champions: A.J(c) vs Brie vs Natalya vs Naomi)
Match 6: Damien Sandow vs RVD= Winner RVD
Match 7: Big Show vs Daniel Bryan= No winner, Big Show refuses to finish HHH forces Big Show to watch Bryan get beat up then tells Show to knock out Bryan. With some coaxing from Stephanie, Show knocks out Bryan and sobs. Orton comes out and turns Bryan over and puts his foot on Bryan as if he won the match at Night Of Champions.

Overall this was a good show. I love the fact that the Divas have a solid story line going on. The personal problems between punk and Heyman, and the main focus Bryan vs the McMahon-HHH w/Orton- power struggle. It's going to interesting to see what role will Big Show play at Night Of Champions.

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