September 2, 2013

Quaker Popped Cheddar Rice Snacks Review

What do you think of rice cakes? Bland? Boring? Well those are the rice snacks of the past. Nowadays Quaker has come up with rice snacks that even a child would love. Quaker Popped Cheddar Rice Snacks is the answer to any rice cake. It taste so good that even my son forgot it was a healthy snack. It's made with whole grain brown rice (yes I can see the smiles come across all of the moms out there faces) and a delicious cheddar flavor. My son ate most of it by himself. I did get to eat about 5 little bites. My son is a very picky eater so I was a little surprised by how fast he ate these rice snacks. Quaker Cheddar Rice snacks is only 140 calories and has 13g of whole grains. Now say you're not a fan of Cheddar, well have not fear Quaker has an assorted variety of flavors of their Popped Rice Snacks. Flavors such as: Apple Cinnamon, BBQ, Chocolate, Ranch, and much more. I will make sure to pick up more when I go grocery shopping and hope you give these rice snacks a try too.

*I received the above product sample from BuzzAgent to review. All opinions about the above product are my own. 

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